About Us

Città Nostra Odv

It is a voluntary organization founded in December 2016 in Torre Annunziata, the metropolitan city of Naples, with the aim of promoting the development of the territory and promoting the social well-being of the city and its citizens.

Development and Wellness favored through actions such as:

© Campus for health prevention;

© Programs and strategies to guarantee the development of the city and the district in the medium and long term;

© Promotion activities for socio-economic development through actions aimed at the growth of tourism and culture;

© Protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development.

Città Nostra Odv intends to pursue its objective through the realization of modern projects capable of promoting social and cultural aggregation actions to counter the division phenomena due to social inequalities. Promote information campaigns and action plans to revitalize the socio-economic fabric of the city, in order to reduce the risk of juvenile crime, (peculiar in urban areas less advanced). Making every city and territory resource more usable to develop successful opportunities for human capital using innovative strategies and modern social policies.

The association also has the purpose of carrying out activities of social utility in favor of associates or third parties, non-profit-making and in full respect of the freedom and dignity of the members, inspired by the principles of democracy and equality of rights of all members .

Città Nostra Odv promotes initiatives and projects for tourism, cultural, educational and training, information, support, dissemination, participation, research and updating to responsible tourism, inspired by the principles of democracy, solidarity and ethics, in order to raise awareness and the personal growth of the community to the encounter with the other, in all its dimensions and to promote lifestyles that tend to foster new relationships between peoples based on reciprocity.

Città Nostra Odv

Rossella Graziano President

Carmela Salvatore Vice President

Daniele Manzo Secretary Treasurer

Giuseppe Graziano Counselor

Mina Leveque Counselor

Salvatore Graziano Project Manager Design of European Structural Funds C.N.P.I. n. 4794 District Court of Appeal of Naples