Wine Cellars

Wine is certainly an important food for our culture and tradition, the same Mediterranean diet provides moderate consumption of red wine during meals, this is because it has been scientifically proven that moderate consumption of red wine can bring benefits to the health of our body . The wines of Vesuvius including Lacryma Christi, were already famous in Roman times for body and goodness: "Haec iuga quam Nysae colles plus Bacchus amavit - Bacchus loved these hills more than the native hills of Nisa". Lacryma Christi was produced in ancient times by monks, whose convent stood on the slopes of Vesuvius. Here the grapes grew strong and vigorous, the vines derived mineral character, thickness and power from the volcanic soil. The history of Vesuvius Lacryma Christi is an interweaving of myth and reality, legend and popular beliefs, helping to create an aura of seductive mystery around this famous wine. One of these legends, evocatively inspired by the great French poet Alfred de Musset, wants Lucifer, chased out of Paradise, to snatch a piece to steal it and make it into the Gulf of Naples. Where he sank, Vesuvius was born. Jesus Christ, aware of the theft, cried out in spite of the sorrow and from his tears fallen right on Vesuvius a vine plant was born and from the grape of that grape the most renowned wine of Vesuvius was born: the Lacryma Christi.


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