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The organization Città Nostra C.F. 90093060631, with headquarters in via Margherita di Savoia 57, in Protocol of agreement with the city of Torre Annunziata, with offices in Corso Vittorio Emanuele III, 293, C.F. 00581960630 in the person of the Mayor, Vincenzo Ascione, domiciled for the office in the Town Hall and with the collaboration of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii with headquarters in via Plinio 4, in Pompeii, in the person of the Director Prof. Massimo Osanna


The concept aims to enhance the archaeological heritage of the area, the beaches, the sea and beaches, historic buildings and spread the traditions and local history. "Vesuvius Cultura Turismo" is aimed at the tourist promotion of incoming, with the identification of territorial and tourism marketing strategies at national and European level, promoting a long-term joint plan aimed at the protection and promotion of Unesco Eredità urban areas.

The concept "Vesuvius  Cultura Turismo" intends to create a partnership with public and private subjects operating in the tourism sector and with research institutions in order to develop tourism products and services on the territory of the Campania region.

For the realization of its objectives, the organization Città Nostra through the IT platform activates a network of collaborations between cooperatives and companies, tourism agencies and researchers which have the same objectives for tourism marketing actions through the e-commerce formula to receive online reservations with the possibility of purchasing products and services.


Creator and owner of the concept "Vesuvius Campania Felix" Città Nostra Voluntary organization registered with ROA Prot. 15/17 of 03/02/2017

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