Vesuvian thermal baths

For almost 40 years in Torre Annunziata, Vesuvio wants to say health. The Vesuvian Baths, since 1976, thanks to the passion and care of the Cosma family, provide care, professionalism and passion so that each client can return to physical well-being and spiritual vitality naturally. The Vesuvian Baths are the treasure chest of a regenerative treasure already known in the 64 after Christ when the waters gushed at the sumptuous patrician villas among which Villa Poppea. Today the Vesuvian Baths, thanks to the extraordinary proximity to the sea, are among the main points of reference in the province of Naples for the care of well-being and beauty, thanks to a water rich in iodine, called alkaline earthy bicarbonate. Aerosols and massages, physiokinesitherapy and gym, mud therapy and balneotherapy, sauna, cure for degenerative diseases and the fight against skin blemishes are some of the therapeutic and aesthetic sectors present. Our journey inside the structure of via Marconi is therefore lost between health, beauty and relaxation that together they immerse themselves in the thermal baths, dive into the pool and stretch out in the sun that kisses the volcanic beach.

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