Museum of Identity

Inaugurated on 10 March 2016 in the Palazzo Criscuolo of Torre Annunziata (c / so Umberto I, 293), the "Museo dell'Identità" is an art gallery that houses all the sculptures and objects found in the Roman villas of the ancient city of Oplontis: the "Villa di Poppea" (Villa A) and the Villa of Lucius Crassius Tertius (Villa B). The Museum exhibits several statues, including: that of the Ephebe, of the goddess Venus, about to take a bath, of the Child who chokes the goose, the centaurs, the satyr with hermaphrodite, several capitals and some finds belonging to the unique and famous collection of Oplonti gold, found in Villa B along with other objects. Oplontis Campania Felix offers a cultural tour with a visit to the ruins of Oplontis.


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