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Tourism is a feeling, not just a fact: this is the idea behind the concept of Vesuvius Campania Tourism that involve the UNESCO heritage cities of the wonderful Campania region. It is impossible not to mention the Vesuvius National Park and the breathtaking Gulf of Naples, both united in a great and amazing scenery. Vesuvius Campania Tourism aims to be your guide while exploring this historic and fascinating territory, characterized by unforgettable vibrant tourist features. Come to discover the history of the archaeological sites, to appreciate the culture behind the good food, fashion and crafts, to live the local experiences, to get inspired by the beauties of the Campania region. Vesuvius Campania Tourism will no longer let you be a mere spectator but the protagonist of your trip.


Oplontis Ruins

Paintings, frescos and precious jewels are just some of the fantastic finds of Villa Poppaea. Discover one of the most famous UNESCO heritage sites


Pompeii Ruins

Take a dip in the past and discover the domus, the villas and the breathtaking mosaics of Pompeii Ruins, the most famous archaeological site in the world


Hercolanum Ruins

Discover the charm of the ancient walls and the timeless beauty of Hercolanum Ruins, one of the most evocative sites of the fantastic and famous Vesuvian area



Discover the archaeological sites, churches and cathedrals, enjoy the craft workshops, visit all the amazing places of the fascinating Campania region.

Vesuvius National Park

The Vesuvius National Park was established by the Decree of the President of the Republic in June 5, 1995 in order to protect the environment and its integration.

Archaeological Museum of Terzigno

The MAT was established in 2019 with the aim of enhancing the territory of the municipality of Terzigno.

Antiquarium and Villa Regina

The Antiquarium was inaugurated in 1991 and it is a museum that houses the finds of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, Stabiae and Boscoreale.


We encourage you to enjoy a unique experience visiting this fascinating coastal stretch, admiring the panorama of the Gulf of Naples


Live with us a unique experience, on a tour that recalls and recreates the authentic life of the Roman Empire.

Sensory experiences

Open your eyes wide, touch, don't touch. Shhh! silence and noises, the taste of time, a flair for stories, the meaning of your visit.


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At the foot of Vesuvius, in the Gulf of Naples, stands Vesuvius Campania Tourism. It represents a tourism concept which means to involve the UNESCO World Heritage cities of the region and the Vesuvius National Park, embracing them in a single large world heritage area. The app will help you to discover this historic and fascinating territory, characterized by vibrant tourist notes. Discover the archaeological sites; get to know the culture, the traditions, the art, the events and all the places to visit with Vesuvius Campania Tourism. Get inspired by the beauties of the Campania region! Live and visit interactively the territory guided by Vesuvius Campania Tourism. Discover the archaeological sites, places and all the entertainment activities through the app!